Have you ever said?
I thought my life was
going to be...

We’ve invented a way to simulate how your life would be

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Life Simulation 3D-virtual-interaction
based on Social Network

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is an artificial-intelligence-driven 3D-virtual-interaction Life Simulation based on social network activity that allow people to build its dreamed life from scratch.
In Magasca® you’ll be able to simulate the results of your life’s decisions before live it in real world.

How to start?


Simulate every moment of your life. See the results before it happens.

whether you're on a date,
In a new group of friends,
Socializing more,
Dealing with your family,
Sightseeing somewhere,
with your office colleagues.

Magasca® learns from how you interact socially to show you different scenarios for each decision you are going to make.


never-seen-before feature

All your world integrated

1. Life Simulator
You’re able to reproduce or assay any situation in life and see the results.
2. Based on your Social Network activity
3. Video Interaction with Photorealistic design

disruptive feature

Profile built on your emotions

At signing up the only thing you have to do is react in front of your camera to diverse images that will appear, so we can know you in deep and build your high-personalized profile based on your own emotions and personality.
It rocks!


futuristic feature

Your avatar lives forever

Your memories will be collected digitally to trascend.
Your avatar will be constantly evolving as much as you interact with your dreamed world.
This is your very virtual life that will live over the time.


breathtaking feature

No language barriers

We use natural language to translate full context.
So, you’ll be able to speak with any person in the world using real-time translation.
Text & Voice.


Play online using any kind of device and directly from the cloud.


Suitable for all ages from 6 years old. It includes parental control.


Buy all objects from different brands and shops and when you reveal yourself in the game your shopping will arrive physically at you in real life.


You’re able to choose at what age reborn as well as the amount of money to start with.


Your real identity will be maintain completely anonymous until you decide to unveil it.


Pay as little as a monthly membership or play basic features free for life.

Logo Magasca-white

Build the life that you’ve always dreamed about.
Your own rules! Your own space!

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